The demise of Hitler’s propagandist Goebbels is a metaphor for the demise of today’s media

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April 20, 2022- by Steven E. Greer

Here is the problem with what the far-left has done by hijacking these for-profit companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix. It is not a good business model to censor people and create propaganda content that no one wants to watch.

When the companies reported fourth-quarter earnings three-months ago, Facebook lost $250 billion in one day because people stopped using Facebook. Netflix also went down. Well, three months later, Netflix is going down a huge amount again today (25% in one day). They are losing subscribers by the hundreds of thousands. The less important legacy media like cable TV is already dead. CNN plus and Apple TV are failing miserably. It is even going to hit the Disney theme parks. Disney will be boycotted for promoting far-left LGBTQ agendas on young kids in their parks and who watch their movies.

The politicians and oligarchs can try to push their communist agendas of disrupting the traditional family by using media companies as pawns, but real world forces will always prevail. They are going broke.

A metaphor for all of this is how Hitler’s Goebbels, the head of propaganda, failed. He rounded up all six of his children and killed them by cyanide. That is what is happening to the globalist propaganda companies. They are being killed by some grand planner like Klaus Schwab who is the equivalent of Goebbels killing his children.

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