The 2021 election was a referendum on communism

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November 4, 2021- by Steven E. Greer

The election this week in Virginia is getting most of the attention on the news despite the New Jersey governor race still being counted and other important election results across the nation. The news is focusing on the importance of parents being upset about Critical Race Theory on Virginia schools. I think that is shortsighted. The true referendum from all of the elections across the nation was that communism is unpopular in the United States of America.

The far-left American Oligarchy of Communism government controlling us now has been led by the “Squad” in congress, which is Reps. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts. All of them compete with one another to spew the most outrageous American-hating soundbites, from defund the police to pay illegal aliens. But America spoke this week and the Squad has now been rendered feckless.

If Ilhan Omar would have been on the ballot this week, she would have lost to literally any other name on the ballot. Her effort to eliminate the police in Minnesota was soundly rejected.

Liberal Seattle ousted BLM and Antifa pacifier Mayor Jenny Durkan and replaced her with a moderate. A truck driver in New Jersey spent $200 to put his name on the ballot and defeated the most powerful Democrat in the state legislature. Governor Murphy of New Jersey was losing until Bergen County began to throw away ballots after midnight. That race will go to a recount. New York City, the headquarters for the communist party, elected a more centrist mayor and Staten Island became more conservative.

What the communist opposition (Note that I did not use the term “Republican” because they are party of the Uniparty and will be of no help) needs to do is go on the attack and pick off these vulnerable members of congress. Ilhan Omar should be arrested for marrying her brother and money laundering campaign funds. Eric Swalwell should be arrested for being a communist spy for China. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should get a high-profile candidate to primary her. Nancy Pelosi is rumored to be not running for re-election. So, she is taken out already.

We need courageous DA’s and sheriffs in conservative counties to take these actions. Former New York Governor Cuomo was charged with sex crimes wen a local police chief decided to act on his own.

Communism has always been analogous to the Wizard of Oz. No one likes it, but they use propaganda and fear to make the masses get in line. If prominent leaders of this communist movement go down in flames, then the curtain will be pulled back.

Once that happens, the rest of the Deep State will change their tune. Merrick Garland, who is closely associated with CRT by issuing a memorandum to have the FBI go after parents at school board meetings, will resign or be muted. Federal judges will let the political hostages from January 6th out of the Gulag in the DC jail. The Supreme Court will make it legal to carry firearms in public in all 50 States. RINO governors will start to use their National Guard to seal the Southern border. Vaccine mandates will go away. Inflationary spending bills will die.

We can stifle this latest communist revolution. However, we have to go further and rip it out at the roots. We need to stop federal funding of liberal “private” colleges. We need to force the globalist companies that control the media to spin their news businesses off. We need term-limits in congress. We need a constitutional convention to update to constitution.



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