The Supreme Court is now committing crimes against humanity

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January 12, 2022- by Steven E. Greer, MD

The Biden vaccine mandate that uses OSHA to pressure private-sector companies to require their employees to becomes vaccinated is now enacted. The Supreme Court heard a challenge to that executive order on January 7. People expected a rapid decision a few days later. However, Supreme Court Justice Roberts is now intentionally dragging his feet, and I suspect I know why.

He wants to have his cake and eat it too. The Roberts Court is going to wait until Omicron fades away so that their decision cannot be viewed as harming people (by the far-left who still think vaccines work). But the Supreme Court will also defend the constitution by eventually overturning the lower court that upheld the mandate, most people predict.

However, it will be all moot by then. This was an emergency court action because of the irreparable harm that is now happening (i.e., people being forced to receive unnecessary and unsafe gene therapy). The damage is already done. Every large company has long ago ordered employees to get the vaccines.

Millions of people have been forced to get a dangerous and pointless vaccine because the Supreme Court lacks a spine. The compromised Chief Justice Roberts is now crossing the line from committing mere political corruption and into the area of mass harm. The Supreme Court of the United States is complicit in crimes against humanity.

Update January 13, 2022- The Supreme Court blocked the Biden private-sector mandates. However, the cowardly Chief Justice Roberts let the Biden mandates on hospitals, or any entity that uses Medicare CMS funds, stay in effect and force nurses and doctors to be vaccinated. (Opinion found here). Moreover, the states and cities are still making their own illegal mandates, as seen in New York, and the Supreme Court has declined on many occasions since 2020 to weigh in on lockdowns, much less local vaccine mandates (which could be challenged in federal court, not state court, as being unconstitutional).

The damage has been done. Ever since the pandemic began in 2020, The Supreme Court has failed to protect even the abstract idea of rights granted by the First and Fourth Amendments, etc., much less the real health of the citizens of this nation.

Update March 26, 2022-


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