The feds go after realtors using drones in the city

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Drone caught in SeattleJuly 1, 2014- BatteryPark.TV previously exclusively reported that drones were peeping into high-rise apartment buildings windows in 2 River Terrace. Now, The Post reports that the FAA is slapping the realtors with subpoenas.

“High-end Realtors who use drones to take aerial property photos are being slapped with subpoenas by the FAA, which is demanding to know exactly how the technology is being used, The Post has learned.

The Federal Aviation Administration dragged the courts into its fight against Realtors a week after stating the remote-controlled crafts cannot be used for commercial purposes.

“It has completely blown up. We’re getting [subpoenas] all over the city and the Hamptons, and they’re just going to general counsel,’’ a source with Halstead Property told The Post on Monday. “It was a total shock.”

In addition to Halstead, city real-estate giants such as Time Equities and Alchemy Property use drones. The stunning views that can be taken of ritzy, towering projects are invaluable as a selling tool, they note.

“You can get [drones] online for 1,500 bucks,’’ a Corcoran broker said. “It’s a lot cheaper than hiring a photographer and a plane for an aerial shot. As long as [the drones] aren’t used for spying, what’s the problem?’’”

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    But helicopters are acceptable?

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