Will the Asians save Hudson Eats from failure?

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Hudson Eats dining view over marinaJune 30, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

Monday, I walked through Hudson Eats during prime dinner time at 6:30 PM, and most of the shops had zero people in line. It was sad.

Coincidentally, a few minutes before I waked through, a surgeon who lives nearby, with several kids, said that he is tired of Hudson Eats. Then, I realized that I too have grown tired of the offerings, already.

Starting in the front of Hudson Eats, when I walked through tonight, Olives and Black Seed Bagels were empty. Going toward the back, Umami Burger, Little Muenster, and Tartinery were empty. The employees were standing around idle.

Come to think of it, I rarely see anyone in line at these places, at anytime. The only shops with regular business are Mighty Quinn’s, Sprinkles, Dos Toros, Chop’t.

I have not walked through Hudson Eats for breakfast or lunch, when the office workers are still around. I have heard it is busier.

Hudson Eats, with a heavy emphasis on sandwiches and lunch food, is really underachieving for dinner. The restaurants on Goldman Block are jam packed for dinner, so there is plenty of demand from the 13,000 people who live in Battery Park City.

However, there may be hope. Two of the best restaurants at Hudson Eats have not yet opened. Blue Ribbon Sushi should be the first one to attract people to sit at the counter of the restaurant. Then, Chinese fair will be provided by Northern Tiger.

In a previous story, I looked at the actual delivery patterns in my large apartment building in South BPC, which was a representative sample of the area, and Chinese was the most popular genre of order-in food. Therefore, Northern Tiger should bring in the business to Hudson Eats.

Not all of the problems at Hudson Eats are due to the restaurants. In fact, one could argue that most of the fault lies squarely upon the shoulders of Brookfield Properties and the BPCA for bungling the construction that envelops Hudson Eats.

Hudson Eats is buried deep inside a construction zone, accessible only through a maze of temporary halls. Even for locals who know it exists, it is a hassle to reach. I for one rarely go by it.

BatteryPark.TV has requested details from the authority of the construction underway, to pin down just exactly who should get the blame. For example, why have the north and south entrances of Brookfield Place become stalled projects?

Stay tuned.


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3 Responses to Will the Asians save Hudson Eats from failure?

  1. Liz says:

    Mostly breakfast and lunch places for the workers and tourists. Dinner would be more for the people who live here, and god knows they don’t give a $hit about people who live here.

  2. James says:

    The last time I walked through it was empty. I did not get anything. I am looking forward to blue ribbon sushi. What is the Chinese place going to be?

  3. chconkl says:

    Part of the problem is…who wants to eat in a mall!

    While I think they did a nice job, I don’t think it’s a relaxing place to go.

    Delivery from more of the places would help.

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