The first person to mention the concept of natural immunity and herd immunity was Steven E. Greer, MD

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October 2, 2021- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Fifteen-months ago, I was on the obscure little radio show of Frank Morano’s. He was the producer for Joe Piscopo, so I would do him favors. On this show, I was the first one to point out that herd immunity might have been reached already, which means the entire pandemic would end soon (In June of that year, I first started to talk about herd immunity with Joe Piscopo). I repeated the comments the next week on Joe Piscopo’s show.

That concept was novel. Soon after my comments, Rand Paul, who also is a guest on the same shows, reiterated my concept. Well, because the idea was so powerful at negating the entire pro-lockdown narrative, the concept of herd immunity was smeared in the press as reckless.

I also mentioned how natural immunity acquired by recovering from the virus did indeed confer immunity, making vaccines unnecessary and even dangerous in those with natural immunity. That concept too was silenced by the propaganda machine.

Well, finally it is irrefutable that natural immunity is not only is real thing, but is 27-times more powerful than vaccine immunity. Rand Paul is championing it during senate hearings.

But I started all of this in the media (Some Oxford and US researchers were publishing about it in scientific papers.). That is a fact.

Update August 16, 2022- The new CDC guidelines recognize that natural immunity exists and people with natural immunity are to be treated the same as those who were vaccinated.

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