The Good News: 7-3-2024

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I explain in this video what Kamala’s mantra means. The “burden” is American law and values. “What can be” is a cheesy MLK “I have a dream” type rhetoric implying a utopia of a new world order (i.e. communism)

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American Coup and Psy-Op News:

  • Biden ABRUPTLY leaves the room after he finishes his remarks at his only public appearance of the day
  • Hollywood Democratic megadonor Ari Emanuel torches President Joe Biden
  • Democrat megadonor/Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings calls on Biden to “step aside” and allow someone else to be the Dem. nominee.
  • Hunter Biden has been in the White House, which is bad enough, and is now actually advising his father on what to do. Why might that be? He knows that he’s going to be going to prison and thrown under the bus if his daddy, the big guy, is no longer in power. Likewise, Barack Obama might be sweating bullets too. There’s a whole legion of crooks who need Joe Biden to stay in power or else they get thrown under the bus by the disloyal communists who replace him.
  • What? Simone says she is competing for herself and no one else? That is literally the opposite of what the Olympics is about.
  • A Democrat whistleblower *CONFIRMS* the Federal Bureau of Investigation abused security clearance revocations to purge conservatives from the FBI
  • Avril Haynes (the current head of the entire intelligence community) & Samantha Power (the CIA’s main funding arm) remain highly influential with zero pushback from Biden, they still want Biden in- And remember, Samantha Power is the head of USAID — the CIA front that happens to be bringing all the illegal voters (excuse me, illegals immigrants) in
  • Congressmen tell story about Trump telling Taliban face to face that he will kill their leader

The Hot War:

  • Yankee Stadium- An undercover narcotics cop bought cocaine and eight guns during 29 visits between March and May.

Kangaroo Court:

  • Justice Thomas just BLASTED the 7th Circuit for pretending like bans on military style weapons are constitutional and that the Second Amendment only protects civilian firearms
  • Trump is not yet a convicted felon, and likely will never be one
  • J6- DOJ telegraphs plan to forge ahead with felony obstruction charges under 18 U.S. Code §1512(c)(2).

Election Crimes:

DEI and Trans strategies of the CCP:

Global Tyranny:

  • Our Dystopian Future of Digital Prisons! The ink isn’t even dry on Minister Gallagher’s Digital ID Bill, yet abuses are already surfacing. Digital ID is supposed to be voluntary, with an alternative method of identification available, however this is not happening.

Money and the Economy:

Business and Fundamentals News:

  • NYT: Youngest Children During Pandemic Now ‘Struggling’ in School
  • Tony Virus did all of his crimes under the Biden regime. If Biden goes, this little elf gets thrown under the bus. Legions of crooks are sweating now as Biden is on his way out.

On the Data Front:

Other News:

  • 15 Years old Nigerian student wins the global mathematics competition. She beat China, UK, US, Asia & Australia

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