The Good News: 9-26-2023

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Dan Andrews is resigning as Victoria premier and is apparently leaving politics. I can’t wait until every single unrepentant covid tyrant leaves public life.

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American Coup News:

  • Michelle “Mike” Obama to get a check for more than $700,000 for a one-hour speech about ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ at Munich conference, Daily Mail reports
  • Nancy Pelosi: “If you have a difference of opinion, you just can’t be impeaching”
  • Kamala Harris does interview using social distancing again

Money and the Economy:

  • The European Union is in talks with Moderna over a new procurement deal for the company’s COVID-19 vaccines amid concerns over a rise in infections in the region, the Financial Times reported on Tuesday. (Haha. They can’t sell this crap in the United States, so they’re going to try to pawn it off to the sheep in Europe.)
  • VW temporarily curbs production of electric vehicles in Zwickau and Dresden due to weakening demand — n-tv
  • Boy, was I right. I had shopped for years for an electric car but always backed away for good reasons. Those flaws are now well known.
  • JPMorgan will pay the U.S. Virgin Islands $75 million to settle a lawsuit alleging the bank aided Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking
  • Amazon sued by US regulators and 17 states alleging that its policies inflate online prices and stifle competition.
  • Target to close nine stores in major cities, citing “violence and theft”

Pandemic Grifters and Other Crimes Against Humanity:

  • @SenRonJohnson- @DrPaulOffit, you didn’t warn about potential downsides of the COVID vaccine. And you may have been surprised by myocarditis, but others weren’t. Unfortunately, those medical professionals who warned about the potential dangers were vilified and falsely accused of spreading misinformation.
  • Peter Hotez, the dwarf chosen by Fauci to be his backup clone, like Mini-Me, because he was even shorter, calls parents “useful idiots”. He is projecting. Deep inside he knows he is the useful idiot to Warp Speed.
  • Yesterday, the Twittersphere was about how the Mayo Clinic had a web page that acknowledged HCQ works for COVID. Today, the page is down.
  • GOP reps move to eliminate Fauci’s multi-million dollar taxpayer-funded chauffeur and security detail Fauci defends hush-hush perks, declaring that he’s “been involved in saving, literally, millions of lives.”
  • The newest lie is “LONG COVID” is causing all the turbo cancer and heart attacks
  • NYC anti-lockdown activist Scott LoBaido has good news: “The judge ruled in the case against the city and their illegal mandates and emergency orders – they are illegal. The judge ruled in our favor. On St. John’s Villa, the illegal aliens must vacate immediately.”
  • LAUSD , the 2nd largest school district in the nation has OFFICIALLY rescinded its vaccine mandate requirement for ALL LAUSD teachers and employees effective IMMEDIATELY. Teachers who were forced to do remote teaching will be REINSTATED to classroom settings. Teachers who were fired say they will continue with their lawsuit until they are reinstated with back pay.

Vaccine Deaths and Adverse Events:

On the Data Front:

Other News:

Propaganda and Legacy Media:


Fringe Doctors

I have read Substacks from Tracy Beth Høeg MD, PhD. I assumed that she was competent like female surgeons I have worked with. So, I took the time to watch a video podcast she did. However, she is another fringe doctor, in my opinion.

First, she just does not seem very smart to me. I think all of these medical papers she co-authors are the result of other people inviting her to be an author. I do not think she could write a complex medical paper if she had to. I know what it takes to write a complex medical paper.

In the video I watched, she did not seem to understand basic med-school molecular biology very well.  Her extremely inarticulate speech and giggling tells me that she is just a nut who would be terrible at interacting with patients, in my opinion.

These are the kinds of fringe doctors who have risen to prominence since 2020. Others on my list are Peter McCullough (says a lot of correct things, but is drunk with Twitter fame and seems a bit off), David Martin (who calls himself doctor but is not), Peter Hotez (Fauci’s Mini-Me stooge for Warp Speed), Tony Fauci (of course), every doctor on the FDA vaccine panels, and many others.

Some of these doctors are stooges of Warp Speed and are spewing fraud because it is their job. Others are fringe doctors seeking fame by opposing Warp Speed. I suppose it is best to view all of this under the umbrella of the “Dark Ages 2.0”.

It is time that real doctors, if there are any left, to take over from here. The only group of high-profile doctors I respect are the plaintiffs who sued the FDA for smearing ivermectin, the plaintiffs in Missouri versus Biden, the plaintiffs who sued the state of California over that anti-First Amendment law, they tried to pass, and a few others. We need more of them to come forward.

(Pro tip: Any time you see a PhD attached to an MD, beware. It usually means they are nuts. There is no need for a PhD degree if one has an MD. The best researchers in the world do not have PhDs. The PhD programs are incredibly corrupt and a waste of time. An MD with a PhD is someone who did not want to really be a clinical doctor treating humans. Also, an MPH means they are medical bureaucrats.)


The power of information

It’s amazing how powerful is a Free Press and dissemination of truth. The small act of Elon Musk purchasing a social media site has completely changed the world over the last 12 months.

Today, the vaccine mandate dictator in Australia got ousted. This is after New Zealand daughter of Hitler was ousted. The only WEF stooges in power remaining are Trudeau and Biden. The UK has a few hanging on too.

The CIA’s war in the Ukraine is failing because of lack of support. That’s only because the truth has gotten out.

Support for impeachment has grown, and it might happen. That never would have never happened if Twitter were still censoring people.

Federal judges are growing a spine and finally issuing important decisions about censorship. That never would have happened two years ago.

In Canada, where the failing Fourth Reich tried to normalize Nazis by commemorating at 98-year-old Nazi, that stunt failed so badly that it might be the final straw for Trudeau. That’s only because the truth was able to get out.

You saw it in the desperation last week at the United Nations. Numerous speakers were railing against free speech.

Fox News is failing because Tucker Carlson on X is getting hundreds of millions of views. Rupert Murdoch has already been ousted.

There’s news today that the CIA will start an artificial intelligence operation. Of course, that’s going to attempt to counteract Twitter.

But all of these real tangible changes are due to simply allowing people to say the truth. You can’t get away with tyranny if the truth is allowed to be spoken.

Ideas and speech are intangible things. They are not elements that you can measure. But yet they translate into real, tangible changes with atoms that we can see and feel. Isn’t that interesting.

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