The Greer Kiss of Death

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March 19, 2023- by Steven E Greer

Every place I have worked for on Wall Street no longer exists. My first job was at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette in 2000. It got acquired by Credit Suisse. I stayed there for one year. Credit Suisse went under this week.

I then left the sell-side and worked for SAC Capital (i.e., Sigma Capital) in 2001. It was closed down in 2014 when Preet Bharara went after it.

I then became the healthcare portfolio manager for the prop trading outfit of Merrill Lynch. I left in 2006. It imploded in 2008.

Few people have been so close to so many dirtballs without actually being one himself than I have. It is the Six Degrees of Steven Greer.



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