The highly-mockable impeachment hearings are all moot

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December 4, 2019- by Steven E. Greer

I watched the panel of law professors at the impeachment hearings and laughed my ass off. I spit out my coffee. This is worse than the Schiff Show, if you can imagine that.

First, Rep. Nadler is despicable. He is also ill and might faint any minute.

Then, they have lawyers, not elected officials, lodging staged questions with highly staged responses from the professors. Nadler learned from the disastrous Schiff Show that he would torpedo the hearings with his face and demeanor. So, he has an outside lawyer acting as the face of the entire hearings.

I recently wrote how this impeachment hoax is exposing the Deep State by putting faces to the secret bubble-dwellers. Today, those college professors are being put on trial. The public sees them for the frauds they are.

It is all in my book of essay, Rules to Stop Radicals.

By the way, Stanford law professor Pamela Karlan is someone with whom I have corresponded. She represented Lozman in SCOTUS and Lozman is a key case-law argument in my case. Whoa Nelly, she looks bad on TV. Also, Harvard professor Noah Feldman looks like the dweeb that he is. These people have the mannerism of a Saturday Night Live parody of professors.

Take your worst ostracized dorks in high school, put them on a panel, and that is what you see on TV. They are not intelligent. If they were, they would have gone to medical school. There is nothing scholarly about law. It is all manmade arbitrary nonsense like astrology.

This is why I get Harvard lawyers fired, on many occasions. They are morons in a bubble.

We now know why the supreme court is extremely paranoid of excessive scrutiny, to the point of not allowing cameras or audio equipment into the court room. If you shined light on the Supreme Court, it would die within 30-seconds like bacteria to sunlight.

All of these professors have litigated successfully in the Supreme Court. They were superstars there. But upon public inspection, it is flagrantly obvious that they are bubble-dwelling frauds.

I could sink this panel of constitutional lawyers in 10-seconds. The essential fact they are all ignoring is that the entire impeachment hearing is based on erroneous assumptions. They are proceeding on the premise that Joe Biden was an innocent man and that Trump was trying to maliciously stir up false counter-intelligence on him. In fact, Joe Biden is as guilty as sin.

If Joe Biden were, in fact, guilty of extorting Ukraine, which he was, then President Trump would have been absolutely correct and lawful to pressure the current Ukraine government to reveal the details. Therefore, it is all moot. This entire impeachment hearing is a moot.


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