The hypocrisy of criticizing Biden’s SCOTUS justice-picking methods

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February 25, 2022- by Seven E. Greer

Tucker Carlson made the argument on his show that it is outrageous for Joe Biden to admit that he is choosing a black woman as SCOTUS justice primarily based on her sex and race rather than merit. Then, his guest Harmeet Dhillon, a lawyer, explained that the real reason Biden picked chose Ketanji Brown Jackson is because she is a “true believer” in the far-left agenda.

While those are all true statements, they are also absurd because every SCOTUS justice has been chosen based on whether or not they will be a “true believer” in whichever political machine is running the show at the time. The Federalist, and establishment GOP organization, pushed onto moron President Trump three justices they thought would serve as true RINOs. Trump even added the female-card when he chose Amy Comey Barrett. All three have since been exposed as Deep State sympathizers.

In addition, Carlson and Dhillon’s arguments were absurd because they presuppose that some judge candidates for SCOTUS are true “legal scholars” who can interpret the law better than others. This is wrong:

A) Any person who can read above the 12th-grade level can be a SCOTUS justice

B) Justices do not write opinions. Harvard law graduate clerks do.

C) There is no such thing as a “legal scholar”. Law is a man-made arbitrary pursuit. It is not math or science that requires “true genius”

Therefore, to complain about Biden choosing an unqualified or corrupt black woman is ludicrous because this is how it has always been done. Regarding corruption, Chief Justice Roberts is by far the most corrupt justice in my lifetime. Other justices in the past have been so incompetent that they had to be shamed into retiring. Since the 1990’s alone, Chief Justice Rehnquist was rumored to have been addicted to opioid medications, and Justice Marshall was pressured into retirement by a scathing decision by Justice O’Conner.

Not only is it time for Americans to realize the SCOTUS is corrupt, they need to realize it is almost irrelevant. Rarely does the court rule on anything that matters. When it does, it is ignored.

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