The reason Chief Justice Roberts is being blackmailed?

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December 26, 2020- by Steven Greer

If this photo (top of page) is really of Chief Justice Roberts on Pedophile Island with Clinton, then it needs to be reported. It will shame him into leaving. He has seizures and he can use medical excuses to save face.

I made the profile comparison above, and the two people have identical skulls shapes, facial proportions, submental chin wrinkles, ear landmarks, and hairlines. I also see no signs of Photoshopping in the topmost on the Internet, and there are many others like this photo in a 2018 story.

In addition, Lin Wood tweeted this photo of the Epstein flight logs to Orgy Island.

This seems to be John Roberts, alright. If so, Roberts is compromised by the Epstein honey trap. He is being blackmailed. That is why his Supreme Court is making these inexplicable decisions to not take cases.

We all knew America had a spreading cancer, but the level of metastasis was far worse than we had imagined. They got to the Supreme Court, many members of congress, the Deep States, Wall Street, and the media. The only honest capitalism and justice was in small business and local governments, thus the lockdowns to destroy those.


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10 Responses to The reason Chief Justice Roberts is being blackmailed?

  1. Raymond B Marvin says:

    Too bad for him and our nation.He should resign with admission of guilt/

  2. Nate says:

    What a bastard> We have a chief justice that is a National Security RISK!!! We MUST take him out of there. This is NO BUENO!

  3. Ange says:

    They need to start putting handcuffs on all of them. Robert’s should be the first then the clintons bidens and family snd any other disgusting male. That was involve with these poor kids.

  4. J J Virgo says:

    Donald Trump is on the list, too – and pictures of him with Epstein

  5. Editor says:

    JJ Virgo

    That is a lie. Trump never went to Orgy Island, he is not on the jet list, and everyone in Palm Beach has photos with Epstein

  6. RickD says:

    JJ Virgo ……..ignorant slut! Many many people have been photoed w. Jeff-y. Does not mean that are involved. With A-L-L the CRAP they tried to hang on Trump, no-one ever tried to hang this one on him. Don’t you think they would have?

  7. TDG says:

    Thank you Steven. Others will read your works, and will thank you as well, TDG

  8. PJ says:

    well we knew Roberts had to have been blackmailed when he did the decision on Obamacare. Going in set to not pass it and taking a break then returning after having talked to someone and then Roberts passed Obamacare.

    The Deep State has stuff on all of them & they make people into puppets. It takes a very strong person to withstand against the threat to themselves or even their famlies.

    But once we know for sure the person needs to be LET GO/FIRED instead of this sillines to wait to “convince” them to resign. If their employment as representative of the people is due to hiring them, then it should be our to fire them and not wait in their willingness to walk away/resign.

    The people should not be held hostage to the self interests of a Wannabe Dictator. When they have crossed the line and stopped liseteig to the people and are breaking the constitution and our laws, there should be no hesitation for them to be tapped on the shoulder and told to pack things and go, you are fired. Why are people who break the law repeatedly, break our federal laws and constitution still in office. Why are people who make threats against President Trump still in office? Why are Traitors that commit crimes of Treason and Sedition sit in seats? Pelosi, Biden, Maxine WAters and many others should be told they are fired and shown the door immediately.

    We the People are fed up.

  9. F. Jorgensen says:

    You are so right. Everything you said reflects back to President Trump. It mirrored him to the “T” We are fed up.

  10. Chester says:

    Roberts bought his children from epstein
    They are the children of epstein island girls who got pregnant
    That’s why he is being blackmailed

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