The Late Reviewer: Loving Vincent

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December 26, 2018- by Steven E. Greer

Demonstrating just how misguided and meaningless the Academy Awards are, Loving Vincent was nominated for Best Animated Feature Film and somehow did not win. It has to be one of the best animated films ever. Disney’s Coco won instead.

Loving Vincent is just what you would think it would be. It is the animated version of a Vincent van Gogh painting. 100 artists painted 65,000 different oil replicas of famous van Gogh paintings to tell the story of the artist and how he died. It is mesmerizing.

Real actors played the parts. Then, oil paintings were made of the film sequences based on the actors’ faces.

This film succeeds at creating a surreal world that one imagines when viewing a van Gogh painting. I recommend see it.

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