The Later Reviewer: Knives Out

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June 20, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

I recalled hearing good things about the 2019 film Knives Out and finally saw it. It is not bad and worth watching, especially in these times of scarce few films.

The film is a murder mystery with modern dialogue similar to Dead Pool. Rian Johnson is the writer and director.

James Bond, I mean Daniel Craig, did a nice job starring as the private investigator Benoit Blanc. Ana de Armas is the lead actress playing Marta Cabrera. Chris Evans is the black sheep of the family, Ransom Drysdale, with the sarcastic whit. Jamie Lee Curtis, Don Johnson, and Michael Shannon also do good jobs.

I feel compelled to point out how the fascists in Hollywood who now micromanage productions forced the insertion of a gratuitous scene whereby the family discusses politics. Of course, the worst white male characters were the Trump supporters. Also, Hollywood’s grand plan to kill normal Americans to change the electorate was on display in the form of the glorification of deadly cigarettes, vaping, and cigars (If you think I am being a conspiracy theorist, think again).

Overall, this is a film worth spending two-hours of your time decompressing from the current events in the news. There is already a sequel greenlighted.

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  1. Renaldo says:

    The star Ana is a Cuban communist: Escapes oppression of Cuba, poverty and no food

    “escapes” Cuba but is busy attacking America in BLM riots. She freely attacks Trump, white Americans, Republicans, the embargo BUT never anything negative about Castro.

    She also stars in a pro-communist Castro spy movie Wasp Network (which sounds like her biography) and is allowed to freely travel back and forth to Cuba and buy a house in Havana and take her socialist PR stunt “boyfriend” Ben Affleck to visit her family in Cuba.

    What other Cuban “dissident” gets to go back to Cuba?

    Btw how does Affleck go to Cuba ? I thought there were travel restrictions. Most Cubans I know bless the ground of America. Pretty much every Cuban exile knows what Ana is —and it’s not a Cuban exile!

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