The Late Reviewer: Gravity

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April 13, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

For those who thought that Sandra Bullock’s 2010 Oscar for The Blind Side was undeserving (like me), they might also be hesitant to buy into the hype that surrounded Gravity before the 2014 Academy Awards. I, for one, was pretty sure that it would be a sappy love story in space with George Clooney as the leading man. It’s not.

Gravity was a suspenseful joy to watch. The 91-minutes whizzed by as fast as the space debris that demolished their Space Shuttle and space stations. Alfonso Cuarón deserved his Academy Award for editing.

The special effects and cinematography were stunning, which is hard to achieve in this era of easy-to-make CGI. Emmanuel Lubezki deserved his Oscar for cinematography.

Alfonso Cuarón deserved his Academy Award for Directing, and Sandra Bullock was robbed of her Oscar. I think that Gravity should have also won Best Motion Picture of the Year.

(Gravity won seven Academy Awards)

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