The Late Reviewer: The Grand Budapest Hotel

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February 3, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

Wes Anderson’s film, “The Grand Budapest Hotel“, is very much worth watching. The visuals are unique and the actors are great. The Who’s Who of Oscar winners were given clever lines to act indeed.

Mr. Anderson’s films all seem to have the common theme of dysfunctional close-knit families with excessively erudite members. His movies pay homage to literature and the love of reading.

In the “Royal Tenenbaums”, his 2001 cult classic, it was an Upper East Side family in the 1970’s with kids who were prodigies in a weird home with sophisticated parents. In Grand Budapest, the setting is an Eastern European “home”, in the form of a luxury hotel, and the “parent” is devoted concierge who pleases his clients and loves long obscure poems.

Without spoiling it, there are plenty of hilarious memorable lines in Grand Budapest. Along with the great cinematography and wardrobe, it makes for a relaxing escapism film.

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