The Netflix Late Reviewer: Suicide Squad

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January 1, 2017- by Steven E. Greer

I would normally disregard a superhero movie, because they are all bad (except for Nolan’s Batman trilogy). However, Suicide Squad, the surprise hit of 2016, is disturbing.

It succeeded because it pandered precisely to the demographic that was most likely to go to the theater: young and dumb.

In many urban cultures, a man punching a woman is acceptable and commonly done. In Suicide Squad, numerous scenes depict this type of violence against women.

For the young black male, enraged by videos of cops shooting unarmed blacks, this movie appealed to them too. In one scene, the black female senior boss of the Suicide Squad guns down her own FBI agents, for no reason, other than to be “gangster”.

The movie is also very racist, and I am not someone to throw that term around. Think of every offensive racial stereotype, and they portrayed it. They have the Asian with a sword, the Latino with gang tattoos, the drunk Australian, etc.

And of course, gratuitous glorification of gun violence is the theme of the movie.

The bigger point to be made about this piece of trash film is how it exposes the hypocrisy of the far-left in Hollywood. They express false outrage whenever one of their opponents hints or slightly suggests a racist or misogyny thought. Yet they profit from racism and sexism in their own films.

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