The Late Reviewer: The Revenant

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Leo DiCaprio on Rector PlaceMay 21, 2016- by Steven E. Greer, MD

When football refs blow a call, they give a make-up up foul on the other team. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar for The Revenant was a make-up Oscar for the past performances he deserved to win.

The Revenant was surprisingly boring as a movie, and Leo’s performance was nothing spectacular. His character had few lines, so it was all about subtle facial expressions. Well, the problem there is that a huge beard obscured his face, so anyone could have played that role. The only thing that Leo’s portrayal accomplished was making the man-bun and grotesque beard popular for a year.

The camerawork was surprisingly bad too. In one scene, there is a clear error when the water and fake blood of the fight scene got onto the lens. It makes the viewer snap out of the moviegoer trance and back into reality.

There are other errors too. Leo’s foot is initially turned 180-degrees around after the bear attack. Then, in a matter of weeks, he is walking on it. That is impossible.

In actuality, Tom Hardy’s should have been the lead actor and winning awards. His character was much more complex.

I hate to say this about our neighbor Leo, but The Revenant is just an average film.

Leo Revenant

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