Essay: The Ohio demographic and why Trump won the election

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July 21, 2017- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I attended the Roger Waters “Us + Them” concert last night in Columbus, Ohio. It was a big culture shock to me. Over the last 20-years, I have seen all of my live performances at Madison Square Garden, or some other Manhattan/Brooklyn venue. The only exceptions have been a Washington, DC benefit concert in 2015, an Ohio State football game in 2010, and The Desert Trip in Indio, California, in 2016. So, when I walked into the Nationwide Arena for this Columbus concert, I saw a completely different demographic.

Literally, almost everyone was a morbidly obese white person of Northern European decent. Many of the middle-aged males looked exactly like Larry the Cable Guy, with Oakley sunglasses on backwards over their baseball caps, 1990’s goatees on their rosacea faces, and wearing cargo shorts or extremely shitty Walmart clothing. It was like a time capsule. Nothing has changed since I left Ohio 20-years ago, except that people are fatter.

This Roger Waters tour devotes about five-minutes to bashing President Trump. He childishly uses name calling and ostracization tactics just like a grade-schooler. It is pretty lame, and I am a huge Roger Waters fan, mind you.

At the end of this Trump bashing, there were about 50% of the people in my vicinity loudly booing and doing the thumbs-down. This was fascinating to me. These Ohioans are fans of far-left Roger Waters but vote for Trump (as I do). Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Wisconsin all voted for Trump in the 2016 election.

Roger Waters has seen this on his tours for years and made the same observation long before I did. He has a lyric in his new album that goes, “You lean to the left but vote to the right”

I suppose my observation is this: All of these Ohio Dilberts could be swayed to vote for a respectable moderate Democrat. No one going to a Roger Waters concert is a closed-minded racist diehard Republican from the Deep South. But the Democratic Party is so feckless and misguided that they keep forcing upon the voters bad candidates, such as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama (who only won because W Bush was so bad), Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, etc.

74-year-old communist Bernie Sanders was actually the best that the Dems could provide, and he is not even a Democrat. He is an Independent.

I know my people: The Ohio Redneck working class. That is how I easily predicted Trump would win the election when almost no one else did. I nailed it down to the state level. Most people want to be nice and have liberal ideas, but they are repulsed by the corruption they see in the Democratic candidates.

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