Essay: The Texas apocalypse is exposing TV news as lazy New York bubble dwellers

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September 1, 2017- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Today, I saw on the TV news a new development in Houston and Dallas that I do not think this country has ever seen before. There are so many refugees from the floods caused by Hurricane Harvey that the government is busing them to a military airport in Dallas and flying them out on C-130 military cargo planes. That is the kind of thing one sees in the military zones. It is just mind-boggling.

Meanwhile, the TV news is being exposed for the lazy obsolete industry it is. By now, everyone with a brain knows that TV news is biased agenda-driven propaganda. But what few people realize just how flagrantly lazy the people who run the news are.

These entitled New York City bubble dwellers are going to take their Labor Day vacation be damned. Today, Norah O’Donnell of CBS News took the day off on Friday to get an early start on her week-long vacation. Prior to that, Charlie Rose took the entire week off. Rose is supposed to be the serious news guy, and we never saw his face once during the Hurricane Harvey apocalypse. Also, ABC News’ chief anchor, David Muir, took the entire week off, as did the late-night political show hosts, such as Stephen Colbert (Colbert is no longer a comedian. He is a flagrant political pundit). Kudos to Lester Holt of NBC for actually working.

TV news is an archaic business model built in the 1950s when simply having video was a novelty. The have never done real reporting, relying instead on the newspapers. Now that broadcast and cable video are obsolete compared to internet video, they have nothing to offer, but they continue their lazy monopolistic ways.

Knowing they are dying and have nothing to lose, the TV news has been willing to destroy their valuable brand integrity and become agenda-driven propaganda outlets. However, they are failing at that too. But the people doing all of this will likely keep their jobs long enough to allow them to retire. They don’t care if they burn down the house that feeds them. Take vacation during the worst natural disaster in this nation’s history? Sure, fine.

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