The O’Reilly Factor discusses “Therapy Dogs”

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October 3, 2013- The O’Reilly Factor discussed the concept of “Therapy Dogs” being abused by people with no true disability.

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  1. elayne says:

    I am a cancer patient and I will no longer shop or eat in any establishment that permits dogs! Nor, hotels or motels…I have fought long and hard to stay healthy and alive and if dogs and their people cannot comprehend that when they touch their dogs face and noses and elsewhere and then…place said hands on tables, chairs and table tops where I eat…they are contaminating that area and I can easily become so ill that I may die! Yes, die!

    Oh, I know that these mentally ill individuals who feel they cannot be separated from there children don’t give a rat’s ass about anyone other than their own sick and perverted mindset. Frankly, the trend of doggies everywhere is perpertrated by any business that is making a profit from those idiots…just like pink for breast cancer…what a business that one is! Doggies are right up there…

    I suggest that all dogs and their people look up on the net what diseases humans can contract from dog poop!

    Hate these people…they and their dog’s psychiatrists must enjoy creating such filth. By the way…from the dog’s point of view…they are being abused…how would you like to have a chairn around your neck all day, be forced to walk at someone eles’s pace, be strapped to a table for hours or while shopping and having to be trapped in a car for hours… Call that love???? I think not.

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