The real Eataly coming to 4 WTC in 2015

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Eataly vegeatablesUpdated December 6, 2014- I was just in my elevator with a mother and her 10-yo or so son. She had an Eataly bag of food. I told her about WTC 4 Eataly and the kid was very happy. 10-yo kids are foodies now? There seems to be good demand for Eataly.

September 30, 2014- The NYT confirmed what BP.TV already had confirmed, that the real Eataly, not a French knockoff like Le District, will be coming to Downtown in the 4 WTC next year.

June 9, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

The 30,000 square-foot behemoth grocery with a French theme opening next year on the first floor of Brookfield Place has long been described as a “French Eataly”. It will be called “Le District” and operated by the Poulakakos team that is running Pier A and Harry’s Italian.

BatteryPark.TV has learned that other more experienced restaurateurs were first approached by Brookfield, but declined. The high rent made the business model untenable according to one source involved in the deal.

There is a huge demand for better grocery stores in Battery Park City. Whether pricey vegetables sold in the middle of other smaller island restaurants, ala Eataly, will work is the big unknown. Whole Foods is nearby and a new Fairway market is coming across the street from Whole Foods.

Now, adding to the competition for the new “Le District” is the real Eataly. The Post reports that the team behind the Midtown Eataly is in final talks to sign a lease at the new World Trade Center retail shops, which is easily accessible by the underground tunnel between Brookfield Place and the new PATH station.

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