Robin Forst of the BPCA makes miraculous recovery, appears for Christmas Tree lighting

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Robin ForstUpdate December 5, 2014 at 2:50 PM- We tried to call Robin Forst and an assistant claimed that she was out of the office. We then tried Kevin McCabe, Shari Hyman, and Brenda McIntyre, and they too were all “in a meeting outside of the office” at 2:00 PM. We then called Ms. Hyman on her cell phone, and she promptly hung up.

December 5, 2014- The BPCA community liaison, Robin Forst, who earns $120,000 to do nothing but attend CB1 meetings, essentially, has been avoiding those meetings for two-months. At this most recent CB1 meeting on Tuesday, she dodged the public claiming that she was too ill. Well, she made a miraculous recovery and appeared last night for the Christmas Tree lighting.

We continue to believe that the BPCA will change administration in January. Dennis Mehiel has been rumored to have been sidelined by Albany. The bizarre handling of the marina RFP, whereby the Chairman was a no-show, is just one of many pieces of evidence supporting the rumors.

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