Why does Downtown have no good pizza?

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North End Grill breakfast pizzaDecember 9, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

I rarely eat pizza, but had a craving for it yesterday. I almost used Seamless to order Skinny Pizza from Hudson Eats, but I saw that the reviews were poor. That was consistent with my own observations, so I kept looking.

Nothing that popped up on Seamless was acceptable. They were mostly places on par with Picasso Pizza (i.e. little joints with bad Health Department track records). So, to play it safe, I just ordered a Papa John’s.

Whoa Nelly. Papa Johns should not be called “pizza”. The bread portion has zero texture or crust. It could easily be a Cinnabon dough if one were blinded and asked to decide. They used sugar in the sauce, which was disgusting. The toppings were scant and from dubious origins.

Inatteso is probably the best pizza available to us in BPC. It has a nice crust, but it is not ideal by any means. The last time I went there, the service was horrible.

The best Downtown is probably American Flatbread in Tribeca, but they do not easily deliver to BPC for small orders.

North End Grill actually has the potential to make the best pizza Downtown. Their special ovens make superb crust. But alas, Goldman Sachs has banned them from making real red sauce pizza by stipulating in their lease that they cannot compete with Harry’s Italian.

What some smart restaurant group needs to do is take over the Gigino’s space in Wagner Park and turn it into something like Danny Meyer’s new Marta pizzeria. The view overlooking the harbor and Statue of Liberty would be jaw dropping.

Can somebody do this please? We need some edible friggen pizza down here. I’m dying. Throw us peasants a bone.

Totonnos pizzaAmerican Flatbread pizza 1 copy

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3 Responses to Why does Downtown have no good pizza?

  1. Kasey says:

    You forgot Adrienne’s Pizza on Stone Street. It is some of the best in the city!

  2. Editor says:

    Well, Adrienne’s is run by the same people who own Inatteso, so I did mention them, sort of.

  3. Betty Kay says:

    I get my pizza from Lombardi’s on Spring Street. They deliver anywhere downtown, which they define as south of Houston Street. The map on their handouts suggests a cutoff just north of Battery Park City, but that is misleading as they deliver throughout BPC. They have been delivering to me in BPC for quite a while.

    Warning, they did caution me that they sometimes delay or refuse deliveries if it is a very busy Friday or Saturday night and they only accept cash. I have never had a problem or delay and love their pizza.

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