Federal spending is unsustainable and will cause human suffering

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May 30, 2023– by Steven E. Greer (updated from a June 9, 2022 essay)

The big news this week will be whether or not the Republicans in the House pass a so-called deal that Uniparty leader Kevin McCarthy struck with the White House. Government spending is now 40% greater than it was before 2020. The “emergency” stimulus spending. is now permanent. The “deal” would do nothing to reduce spending and allow the budget to bloat another $4 Trillion over the next few years.

The Debt/GDP ration is already over 100%. That is unsustainable. The economy will derail like Argentina is doing now with 100% inflation.

I have been saying for years, ever since they started the trillions in COVID stimulus spending (i.e. printing invisible money supply), that the human brain cannot comprehend this. It is easy for Democrats in congress to pass these ridiculously large bills because Americans cannot tell the difference between $1 Trillion and $1 Million. The numbers are too big for the brain.

Similarly, I could put two containers on the counter. One would be full of plutonium and one would be full of platinum. We would have no way of telling the difference. They would weigh about the same, etc. Our brains are not that sensitive.

Well, we are starting to physically feel what trillions in money printing feels like. At the human level, it feels like hunger, violence, suicide, homelessness, and so forth.

For example, by the Fed raising interest rates, it has made it unaffordable for most people to buy homes. Rent is skyrocketing as a result. Large areas in California are now tent or RV cities. That leads to drug abuse, domestic violence, and suicide. Failing economies with inflation lead to oppression of the masses.

Using analytical tools, we can see what these trillions in spending look like. We can see it in charts of the stock market. Just like x-ray spectroscopy tells us what invisible atoms are doing, the stock charts tell us what invisible money is doing.

Oppenheimer applied abstract concepts of physics to create the A-bomb. I have used these concepts over the last year to make money by viewing the entire global economy from scientific perspectives. Classic economic tools are wrong and do not help one understand the consequences of doubling the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet in two-years. It has to be viewed from a fluid dynamics model (i.e. Money flows like water or air. It applies pressure to the vessel holding it. There has to be a release valve.).

We like to call this central bank money printing “fake money”. It is not. It has very real effects on tangible beings just like atomic weapons.

The people in charge of the money supply are manipulating a dangerous substance that can impact far more humans than a nuclear bomb, and they do not seem to comprehend that. Just like handling a container full of plutonium will eventually be felt when it destroys bone marrow and kills, playing around with invisible money will kill too.

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  1. Charles says:

    Brilliant and to the point as usual. It’s hard to understand why these correlations
    aren’t understood by more people.

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