The senate impeachment trial is an opportunity to set the record straight

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January 22, 2021- by Steven E. Greer

The big lie is that the Capitol attack was spontaneous and caused by Trump supporters. In reality, likely orchestrated by the Obama stooges, such John Brennan and many others, it is a fact that the Capitol police opened barriers and waved unsuspecting Trump supporters inside as Antifa were breaking windows. It is a fact that Trump supporters tried to stop the Antifa from doing damage (see video above).

One Capitol police officer was killed when a person hit him over the head, but who did that act of violence? We do not know.

Meanwhile, an unarmed Air Force veteran, Ashli Babbitt, was shot and killed by a mystery person working with the Capitol police. Several other Trump supporters died outside and we do not know what role the police played there. The media is covering it all up.

The senate is planing an impeachment trial in a few weeks. The charge is that Trump incited his supporters to damage the Capitol. If Trump is smart, all of the above would become exposed during a trial.

If I were Trump, I would see this trial as an opportunity to correct history and expose what we already know is true. With a lawyer like Sidney Powell, I would use as my defense:

A) The Capitol police chief and others were fired. Why?

B) List by name all of the Antifa already arrested for attacking the Capitol.

C) Have Trump supporters who were there be witnesses.

Then, if I were Trump, I would speak during the trial and make the accusations I have listed above. This would likely cause Senator Schumer to cancel the trial or prevent Trump from speaking, which would embarrass the Democrats even further.

The facts of this Capitol attack must be exposed. Currently, the fascist American Oligarchy of Communists (AOC) government is using it as the pretext for cracking down on “domestic terrorists” also known has half of America. That has to be shut down.

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  1. T G says:

    The mere fact that the liberals are still trying for impeachments against Trump tells us that their causes are not for real. They are afraid that Trump will become successful again in a few years and use the Constitution to become our President again.

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