The Stone Ages before iPhones

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October 9, 2021- by Steven E. Greer

A cable channel is playing Daniel Craig 007 Bond movies on TV because of the launch of No Time to Die. It brings back memories.

The 2006 Casino Royale and 2008 Quantum of Solace were pre-iPhone era movies (they were filmed years before the release date). So, the phones in the movie were old Nokia things. That is back when I was working in Wall Street and it brings back all of the pre-financial-collapse memories.

It is easy to forget, but people were addicted to phones before the fancy iPhone came along in 2005 (but they did not become mainstream until about 2007). It all started with text messaging. Teenage girls loved to send text messages to one another. They got really proficient at that crude way of sending a text message that used the number keyboard with three letters per key.

These James Bond movies feature Nokia dumbphones as if they are cool smartphones. One of the fancy gadgets James Bond had was basically a Waze navigation app on his old Nokia. Clearly, the producers had a glimpse of what was in the pipeline.

It seems like 30-years have gone by, but iPhones are only 16-years-old. Smartphones have gone on to create a pandemic of addiction far worse than cigarettes ever did. They have destroyed lives and made the world a far worse place. Already, they are being used by fascist nations to track populations like Big Brother. Your personal conversations are being recorded and transcribed.

The speed at which a few companies have controlled billions of people is staggering. It exposes the flaws and weakness in the human race. There are numerous ways that this species could become extinct within a few more decades. Addiction to smartphones is just a warning sign.

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