TLC undercover sting arrests livery cab drivers on North End Avenue

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TLC copMay 1, 2012 By Steven Greer, MD

Perhaps caused in part by BatteryPark.TV reporting and our communications with Deputy Commissioner of the TLC, Ray Scanlon, undercover TLC officers made arrests of livery cab drivers (in the black town cars) on North End Avenue and Vesey Streets on Monday, April 30th.

April 26, 2012

We captured a TLC undercover car in action patrolling and ticketing illegal town cards on Vesey and North End Avenue. BatteryPark.TV has been working with Deputy Commissioner Ray Scanlon and it has made a big difference so far (Along with the efforts of private industry, such as the Conrad Hotel, Goldman Sachs, and American Express). In addition to tickets, some drivers have been towed away, and at least one was arrested and taken to Rikers Island. We will have a full story on this success at tackling a major community threat.TLC cop 2



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2 Responses to TLC undercover sting arrests livery cab drivers on North End Avenue

  1. Judith says:

    Great job, thanks! The illegal livery town cars were also causing traffic jams which made the Downtown Connection buses slower.

  2. Maureen Barry Somerville says:

    I walk my dogs along North End and yesterday, I noticed about 6 black cars parked along that street. I suspect that they are now parking there after being evicted from Rector Place thanks to BatteryParkTV.

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