The new outer-borough green cabs are a hit

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070113_greencab_emk 01.JPGNovember 12, 2013- Livery cabs are out of control, hustling people for cash fares anywhere a corporate tower is located. In an effort to get the chaos under control, and also compete with the companies that own the taxi medallions (which Mayor Bloomberg believes enjoy an unhealthy monopoly over taxi services), the mayor created green livery cabs in August.

The NY Post is reporting that they are a big hit, “More than 1,000 of the apple-colored outer borough cabs are up and running on the streets of New York — offering New Yorkers nearly 300,000 rides since the program launched in August. “For too long, four and a half of our five boroughs didn’t have taxi service — and now they do,” Bloomberg said at a press conference in Williamsburg on Tuesday. He added, “If there was ever a demand that showed itself when there was only a little bit of supply, it’s this.”

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