The “Tribeca” Film Festival people are pure beggars now

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Tribeca Film Festival screen on BPC esplanadeApril 16, 2015- Robert De Niro recently made news for publicly calling out Mayor de Blasio for not giving him corporate welfare donations to his Tribeca Film Festival (which is not actually held in Tribeca). As a result, the mayor skipped the opening ceremonies.

BatteryPark.TV has also learned that the TFF beggars are now approaching the local restaurants to host parties, and they expect the restaurant to provide the food and employee tips for free. Some of the restaurants have said , “No thanks”.

Meanwhile, the driving force of the TFF, Jane Rosenthal, is telling media interviewers that the TFF is an economic engine that drives revenue to Downtown. The TFF drives revenue for the TFF only, it seems.

What else is the TFF getting for free? Is the TFF getting free use of the BPC esplanade for a week to show their lame outdoor movies? Is the Regal Cinemas BPC Theater giving them free screens?

Somebody needs to tell Ms. Rosenthal and her cretin sidekick Robert De Niro that no one cares about movies anymore. Even big budget flicks are dying out. Also, the entire concept of “independent film” festivals has been obsolete for ten years.

Why is it called The Tribeca Film Festival?

MSG bails out struggling Tribeca Film Festival

American Express dumps Tribeca Film Festival

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  1. kd says:

    Good job Steve… but I still like Whole Foods along with LeDistrict …does not have to be either or OR

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