The two Woodstocks explain the demise of the USA

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November 18, 2021- by Steven Greer

I watched the HBO documentary Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage. The original Woodstock producer, Michael Lang, was involved in producing this clusterf*ck (Literally, it was a custerf*ck. On Sunday, gang rapes were plentiful.). They had no excuses this time. They just screwed up royally.

The year 1999 is an interesting one for me because I have no recollection of it. The entire 90’s was a period of time where I was working so hard in medical school or surgery that I had no time to engage with the outside world. Also, nothing in pop culture seemed interesting to me. So, I watch shows about the 90’s to see if I was missing anything. I don’t think I was.

The festival failed for planning reasons. However, more importantly, it failed because music was in a really bad spot at the time. Limp Bizkit and Korn were the type of music people wanted to hear. Even though grunge and Nirvana was a recent past in the early 90’s, it had already fallen out of favor by 1999.

The young people in the year 1999 were the first wave of kids who had grown up with parents giving them participation trophies. They are known as “Generation X”, but they later grew up to become the vile Millennial generation once they got into their 30’s, lived in Brooklyn, and had barista jobs because they were lazy in college. They were spoiled, narcissistic, while at the same time completely unimpressive in every aspect. Their parents were taught that normal discipline was bad. They were a bunch of dumb, uneducated punks. Nothing about their generation was original, which is why they earned the label “Gen X”.

We are witnessing in 2021 a collapsed society (not “collapsing”. It has happened.) that has a good chance of permanently becoming some form of modern communism. The wheels were put in motion decades and decades ago. The crumbling of society started in the 1990’s, as seen at Woodstock 99.

The roots of it started with the baby boomers, of course. Those were the young people in 1969 during the original Woodstock. But hippies did not have the luxury of staying a hippie. They were steered back into shape.

These Gen-X’ers were privileged enough to slack through school years, funded by parents, and then feel entitled as young adults. The cultural change they brought, taught to them by far-left high school and college teachers, became overt.

As I see it, the unwinding of America began most earnestly with the hippies of the early 1970’s (they were different from the original Vietnam War protestors). Their rot was passed down to their children, as seen at Woodstock 99.

I wrote an essay a while back where I characterized each decade since 1950 and what those people contributed to the world. When I came to the 1990’s, I could not think of a single thing worthwhile.

I see now what the 1990’s might have contributed. The seed was planted for the American Oligarchy of Communism and the “Great Reset”.

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