Apple Airpods have to be the biggest corporate product mistake in recent history

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January 21, 2022- by Steven E. Greer

I recently upgraded to the Apple iPhone 13 from my old iPhone 7. Along with it, I bought the wireless Airpods. They worked very well in that they instantly connected to the Bluetooth. However, I noticed they were becoming dislodged from my ears after short phone calls when I was not even exercising or moving. I then heard the same complaint from everyone I talked to. Even the most expensive versions with the silicone ear adapters for noise cancelling fall out.

This is why there is a trend to go back to the old-school wired ear buds. The Airpods have a fatal flaw. They cannot be used. I returned mine.

Airpods earn Apple about $12 Billion a year. This is a huge product used by hundreds of millions of people. Therefore, this has to be one of the biggest commercial launch mistakes in business history. The media is not covering this.

The fact that Apple allowed Airpods to be launched is a big red flag. That company is too big to control quality. It is also not innovating anymore. People are tired of their large and heavy iPhones (the new ones are twice the weight of the older ones). A know many young people who are going back to flip phones.

Apple stock recently hit the $3 Trillion market-cap threshold. That is all due to the inflation in the stock market created by the Fed printing fake money. Without good products, look for Apple to deflate in value along with the entire market.

Update February 16, 2022- WSJ- Sony LinkBuds Review: New Wireless Earbuds Keep Ears Clear for All-Day Comfort – WSJ

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