The U.S. needs to overhaul Homeland Security and the DOJ

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nightclub_shooting_florida_obamaUpdate June 18, 2016-I told you so. In my essay, below, I made controversial statement that President Obama has daddy issues driving is inexplicable tolerance of radical Islam. Now, the New York Times has a lengthy article about how Mr. Obama is declining an invitation from Kenya to read his father’s letters because they are too emotional for him to revisit. 

June 13, 2016- by Steven E. Greer, MD

This is worse than I thought. The Orlando ISIS-inspired savage was actually on the terror watch list at one point, but was still allowed to be employed by a federal security contract company. He was not arrested, despite telling many people at work that he wanted to slaughter non-Muslims. He laughed after 9/11.

The FBI knew all of this after interviewing him many times. They did nothing.

The needle-in-a-haystack analogy FBI Director James Comey used today is a Non Sequitur. The failures in Boston, San Bernardino, and Orlando were not in finding the suspects, but rather in spotting obvious threats that fell into the laps of the FBI. These were not needles in haystack. They were elephants in room.

The United States needs to overhaul our Homeland Security, which very name is a joke, as well as the CIA, the DOJ, and it’s FBI.

The CIA caused ISIS. The CIA’s secret wars have caused the mass migration of refugees from Syria.

The DOJ and FBI bungled the investigations into the Boston Marathon bombing and this Orlando massacre, as well as many other cases. The Russians warned the U.S. about the Boston brothers and the FBI had the Orlando shooter on the terror watch list.

All that the DOJ seems to be good at is prosecuting small-fry white-collar corruption criminals, like SAC Capital traders. But the real white-collar criminals are too big to jail, under this Obama DOJ.

Am I accusing Obama’s FBI of being politically correct and not going after Muslims. You bet I am. The man clearly has daddy issues relating to his biological father being a Muslim and his stepfather also being Muslim. To admit that radical Islam is our enemy would be too shameful to the big-ego’ed President Obama.

If someone is a wealthy crook, who is not too-big-to-jail, like SAC Capital traders or Sheldon Silver, then the DOJ will go after them. Whoopee. They are replaced like Whack-a-Mole. If you are Apple Inc., you will be challenged in federal court if you do not allow the DOJ to spy on your millions of customers. If you are fat old cronies running European soccer, that no one gives a shit about in this country, you are going down (to get back at Russia).

However, if one is a crazy young Muslim male, with red flags smacking the DOJ in the face, or a rich Wall Street CEO blatantly breaking finance law, then they will not be arrested by this Obama FBI. If one plans to attack this nation with military or financial weapons, they won’t be arrested, despite the carnage of predecessors.

This DOJ is ordered to march in step with President Obama’s ideology, and ignore reality. The FBI agents in Boston and Orlando were not that stupid. They had orders. Their hands were tied.

Fortunately, The United States of America will have new Directors of the CIA, FBI, and Attorney General in about eight months. A Trump administration would clean house. Let’s hope that a Hillary-Bill Clinton Administration would too. Otherwise, Paris and Brussels-style attacks are the new normal for Americans.

Post cover on Orlando shooter

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2 Responses to The U.S. needs to overhaul Homeland Security and the DOJ

  1. J says:

    Exactly. All of it.

  2. Debsendave says:

    The night 49 sets of parents, lovers brothers and sisters were grieving, and needed comfort from their president, this big ego was more concerned about getting his TelePrompTer out to scream at trump.

    The hatred seething from his face when he mentioned Trump versus the cool nonchalant demeanor talking about a radical Islamist who killed 49 innocents people at a gay club was ALaRMING.

    I am sure Hillary and Obama are upset there wasn’t some Video they could blame the attack on.

    Why doesn’t the media focus on Hillary accepting 30 million from a country that persecutes gays and won’t let women drive? What she did to Sanders, Benghazi, email scandals, her terror tactics towards women who accused her husband of rape, the secret service revelations, her Wall Street speeches, her flooding country with illegals, etc etc

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