The United States just entered into a second Civil War

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Update November 5, 2017- Outspoken conservative senator Rand Paul was attacked by his neighbor, another MD, who is a registered Democrat with social media posts ranting about stopping Trump. Paul suffered five broken ribs.

October 2, 2017- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I gave this tip to CNBC, Fox Business, the NY Post, and Sinclair Broadcasting, so I might as well report on it myself. It appears that the Las Vegas mass murderer, Stephen Paddock, was a far-left, Trump-hating, motivated man, much like James Hodgkinson who shot a baseball field of Republican congressmen earlier this year. I base this on what we know about his female companion, Marilou Danley, from social media. She is a Democrat and ardent Rachel Maddow supporter.

In addition, the pattern of the crime points toward a politically motivated murderer rather than a mentally ill man. The plot was premeditated, intelligent, and executed to perfection. It targeted a mass gathering of people would be likely to support President Trump and conservatives.

If it turns out that Paddock was indeed motivated by political ideology, then this country has literally entered into a second Civil War. That was a rapid-fire machine gun used to mow down civilians. It was politically motivated. That is war.

Also, if this proves to be the case, then look for the liberal propaganda media to play down the political motivations and turn this into a gun control story (which it is as well).

The vocal Trump resistance movement leaders in the media now have blood on their hands. Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, all of MSNBC, all of CNN, all of CBS News, all of Saturday Night Live, etc., do nothing but spew hate and incite violence every single day. This does influence the behavior of viewers.

I am a First Amendment expert with a case in federal court. The First Amendment does not protect behavior that incites violence. It is time for some broadcasting licenses to be revoke and people fined.

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