A Second Civil War now is inevitable

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April 5, 2023- by Steven E. Greer, MD

The Trump arraignment and indictment was all a big distraction orchestrated by the communists in charge of the White House. Trump is extremely irrelevant to America and the world for one big reason: Donald Trump has zero chance of winning a presidential election. The electoral college map has too many corrupt blue states.

The Wisconsin election last night shows how nothing has changed. The midterms last Fall have not caused the RNC to change strategy. Despite the obvious theft of elections in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, etc., the Ronna McDaniel “Republican” machine is not doing a thing to change future outcomes. The RNC and DNC are two fake brands under the Uniparty umbrella. The RNC Uniparty is actually working against election reform.

This means that the only direction the country can go is towards a Cold Civil War between the red states in the blue states. It will take CCP Federal military action, cutting off of fuel,  food, etc. to escalate it into more of a violent war. The infrastructure attacks that we have seen all over the country, such as East Palestine Ohio, are preparation for this.

The fate of the 2024 presidential election was sealed last Fall when too few Republicans won and too many blue states retained Democrat governors. It would take a massive campaign by the Freedom Caucus to change how Republicans play the game. So far, the GOP House has been all bark and no bite.

The new strategy for saving the constitution and civil liberties will have to focus on organizing the red states into a cohesive unit. The first example of this has been the group of states joining to and oppose ESG. Now, state AG’s have to start doing the job normally delegated to the federal DOJ. Rule of law must be restored.

Hunter Biden, Pfizer, rogue school teachers, etc. must be prosecuted for state crimes. Federal officials, such as Tony Fauci and Rochelle Walensky are not above state laws. Every groomer is guilty of underage sex laws. Corporate executives running globalist companies who live in a red state are not above the law.

  • Jason Whitlock Says the Quiet Part Out Loud on Tucker Carlson – Suggests Secession from Liberal States (VIDEO)

May 3, 2024-

Gov. Ron DeSantis sends letter to U.S. Military leadership, Congressional leaders opposing “federal overreach” of putting a Florida Air National Guard squadron under Space Force jurisdiction without governor approval “Would flout more than a century of precedent and undermine federal law protections for state control of their National Guard…”

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  1. Mike Howard says:

    I believe everything that you’ve stated to be accurate. I don’t understand why people keep thinking that Trump is going to save us. He slowed down the inevitable when he beat HC in 2016 but that ship has sailed and the opposition just got more “creative” in attaining their goals.

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