The Weekly Summary: 10-31-2021

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October 25th – October 31st           2021

In the general news, Biden fled the country as his domestic agenda stalled in congress, only to be mocked by Europeans and the Chinese during the G20 events. Apple quietly took strides to make a dent in surveillance capitalism by preventing apps like Facebook from spying on your browser behavior. The impact was seen in Facebook quarterly earnings as the company changed its name to Meta. In politics, former NY Gov. Cuomo was charged with sex crimes. Trump could be the most popular person in the world, receiving loud applause as he accompanied the National Anthem at the World Series. In the economy, the manufactured supply chain outages led to cargo ships rerouting to Miami, and the GDP forecasts were downgraded.

On the fascist front, huge mobs protesting vaccine mandates hit the epicenter of the left in Manhattan as state employees protested and then quit their jobs rather than be vaccinated. As a result, NYC was left with inadequate fire and EMS services. In LA, the sheriff also blasted the mandates. In private industry, American Airlines became the latest to see flights cancelled due to pilots walking off.

In vaccine news, the FDA approved emergency use of the Pfizer (PFE) vaccines for children as young as five, despite having no data on safety and efficacy (theoretical models were used). A political hack MD on the advisory committee went viral for saying, “We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it.” Then on Sunday, the FDA announced it was continuing to halt Moderna’s (MRNA) efforts to get the same approval causing Moderna to cancel plans to apply for emergency use as well. Nevertheless, the company hyped booster shots as a permanent yearly therapy. A study from Sweden showed the vaccine now has no effectiveness as booster shots become the next mandate as the country permanently banned the Moderna shot. Three Ohio judges died after being vaccinated, and the Supreme Court denied Maine healthcare workers’ effort to win religious exemptions from mandates.

On the scamdemic front, sales of Pfizer’s Vyndamax are up 77%. The drug treats cardiac adverse events caused by the Pfizer vaccine. A cheap generic antidepressant also has antiviral activity. A group of doctors signed a decree stating that it is a crime against humanity to refuse early treatment. Joe Rogan announced that the doctor who gave him early-treatment ivermectin has also treated hundreds of members of congress. ER’s are now swamped by people sick from illnesses they neglected during lockdowns. CDC Director Walensky was stumped when Fox News asked her why no spikes in COVID were seen after college football stadium events, and Tony Fauci was in the news for funded gruesomely cruel experiments involving dogs and monkeys.

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