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November 15th – November 21st            2021

In the general news, Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges in the Kenosha shootings that killed two BLM rioters. In response, BLM organized riots in NYC, Portland, and San Francisco. Then, a far-left terrorist murdered and maimed many people at a Christmas parade in Wisconsin. In politics, the House passed a $2 Trillion bill loaded with measures to boost power for the far-left. Kamala Harris was briefly POTUS when Biden underwent a colonoscopy. He then was filmed at the White House trying to touch a baby girl who pushed him away. In the economy, the retail sector posted strong earnings as Americans are spending after two-years of lockdowns. Ford and GM moved to make their own chips as the supply-chain shortages continue. Inflation finally caused gold prices to increase and continued to pump up the stock market. New IPO Rivian surpassed VW in market cap.

In the fascist front, Austria, Italy, Greece, and Germany imposed harsh lockdowns and vaccine mandates, prompting millions to protest. Graz, Austria elected the first ever communist mayor. In the UK, stores began using vaccine passports to deny food to the unvaccinated. In the U.S., aside from the BLM riots and fascism above, Bank of America began to separate the unvaccinated employees from the vaccinated. OSHA suspended efforts to enforce the Biden vaccine mandates, and Tony Fauci criticized people who valued the Bill of Rights over the “safety to society”.

In the crimes against humanity watch, Pfizer (PFE) was caught hiding deaths in vaccine trials as the FDA asked a court to seal for 55-years documents detailing how the agency approved the Pfizer vaccines. A paper at the AHA showed how Moderna (MRNA) vaccines trigger heart attacks. A Swedish paper showed a 20% increase in death rate after the second vaccine dose. Ireland has a much higher death rate among the vaccinated population than the unvaccinated. A vaccinated surgeon died anyway. A Connecticut nursing home saw a massive COVID outbreak with many dead despite the residents being vaccinated. Then, despite recent efforts by the FDA to halt the approval of Moderna shots for all ages, the agency went ahead and approved Moderna and Pfizer vaccines for all ages. In non-vaccine crimes, a man in Texas was denied monoclonal antibodies because he was white. The CDC reported that a record 100,000 people died from pain pill overdoses, with Mexican cartels making counterfeit pills laced with fentanyl. A Merck (MRK) lab discovered it had smallpox vials in storage as Bill Gates coincidentally warned that smallpox would be the next pandemic.

On the scamdemic front, it was revealed that most of Biden’s executive branch, the judicial branch, and congress were all exempted from the vaccine mandates. The regular flu suddenly reappeared after going extinct for two years (due to fraudulent reporting by hospitals). The University of Michigan saw a large outbreak. Tony Fauci admitted that the vaccines no longer have efficacy as Pfizer applied for emergency use approval of their oral pill. And in Africa, where hydroxychloroquine I sued for malaria, the entire continent has a low COVID infection rate despite low vaccination rate.

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