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August 30th – September 6th      2021

In the news, the mess in Afghanistan got even worse. The Taliban is hunting down Americans using our own biometric gadgets and kill lists handed over to them. Palates of cash were also left for them by the U.S., (ala the transfer of cash to Iran under Obama). Hours after the last U.S. soldier left, the Taliban used a U.S. helicopter fly around a murdered man hanging by a rope. The Healthcare Channel exclusively reported that the so-called “stranded Americans” are actually military support personnel to keep the complex helicopters and tanks operational. The U.S. retaliated for the 13-killed soldiers last week by idiotically killing a family with seven kids, and the Taliban announced that China will be its new partner in the region. Afghan “refugees” flown to the U.S. came with no papers were could easily be terrorists and rapists. Then, to spin it all, Biden hosted a fake press conference to announce that the withdrawal was a massive success, as polls show support for Biden around 40% with more voices from congress calling for impeachment.

In other news, Hurricane Ida destroyed Louisiana worse than Katrina in 2005, and the storm then caused massive flooding in the Tri-State area. Joe Biden was nowhere to be found. The Supreme Court allowed a Texas “heartbeat” abortion ban to stay as the state passed a law with teeth against Big Tech censorship. Packed college football stands with maskless people was a powerful message to the fascists, and the jobs number for August was the worst miss ever, perhaps. 235,000 jobs were created compared to the estimate of 720,000. All in all, it was a bad summer for Joe Biden as Labor Day was celebrated.

On the fascist front, Australia continues to lead the way for the rest of the world to follow. It established a surveillance system requiring citizens to text images of their faces to prove their location. This is after they are released from massive concentration camps for “quarantine”. The U.K. mandated vaccine passports, Canada announced they will be a permanent policy (Trudeau is despised), and Paris police beat up civilians for not showing their papers. In New York, the vaccine mandate to eat at restaurants or shop is being opposed by the stores. A judge halted a Michigan school’s forced vaccine policy, and another judge was shamed into reversing his order barring a mom from seeing her kid because she was not vaccinated. In healthcare, nurses refused to quit and made the hospital fire them for refusing vaccines, and Mississippi nurses protested also.

On the scamdemic front, propagandists have now teamed up to smear ivermectin as a dangerous horse dewormer medication, leading an Ohio hospital to cave under pressure and refuse to give lifesaving medicines until a judge forced them to deliver the meds. Joe Rogan took ivermectin and quickly recovered, and the zero-credibility CDC warns against its use despite new large studies showing it works. A story exposed how hospitals are inflating COVID diagnoses. The CDC admits that almost everyone has antibodies from exposure to the virus, and an essay explains why the virus predictably has mutated.

On the vaccine front, the vaccines made years ago simply do not work against the mutated virus strains. Even the propaganda press is doubting the Biden plan to mandate boosters. The spike protein that the mRNA vaccines create are directly toxic to the heart and the FDA added warning language to the labels. And as a result, two of the top FDA scientists in charge of vaccines quit in protest after the White House rammed through approval.

In other healthcare news, a judge approved a deal that will give criminal and civil immunity to the evil Sackler family who own Purdue Pharma. Likewise, no vaccine company will ever be held accountable.


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