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September 7th – September 12th      2021

In the news, the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks was memorialized as the Taliban has now turned into a formidable real state with large military, thanks to Joe Biden. The Taliban is forming an alliance with Turkey, China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, and Qatar as the world pretends they are now civilized. But then Taliban leaders promptly beheaded a man and celebrated. The U.S. DHS warned not of Taliban terrorist attacks but of Trump supporters as domestic terrorists. In Brazil, millions of people poured into the streets to support President Bolsonaro against communism.

In politics, Biden toured NJ after Hurricane Ida and was heckled. It was revealed that Biden’s incompetent military droned a do-gooder aid worker and his family instead of ISIS-K, and Biden’s approval is down to 39%. Meanwhile, Trump saw tremendous support on 9/11.

In the economy, AMC theaters saw record box office sales for September. Inflation roars on, and the Fed prepares to taper.

On the fascist front, Australia continues to be the laboratory for the Great Reset, testing how far they can push people. They have built large concentration camps that resemble China’s camps for the Uyghurs. Then, Biden reacted to his recent failures by becoming ever more totalitarian, announcing broad vaccine mandates (as Steven E. Greer, MD predicted) that even impact private-sector employers. The GOP reacted with strong opposition, as did federal employers (here and here) and nurses (here and here). But postal workers, those who deliver mail-in ballots, were exempted, as were members of congress. And, of course, airline lobbyists won an exemption to prevent a slump in air travel. Then, Boris Johnson’s UK government, spotting the sinking Titanic Biden is captaining, decided to do a 180 and scrap plans for vaccine mandates and passports. This follows Sweden and Denmark.

On the Faucism front, large crowds of maskless football fans (right after the Biden mandates) sent a powerful message to the communists wanting us to obey, angering Fauci, but Fauci was silent as measles spreads among Afghan refugee camps. Then, email documents showed that Fauci lied to congress when he denied funding gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab.

In the scamdemic front, the “delta wave” has peaked and the Swedish strategy of no lockdowns and herd immunity worked. Florida’s Gov. DeSantis won as a court enforced his ban on school mask mandates. Then, leaked emails show how the CDC issued guidance supporting masks on kids only because the teachers’ union wrote the rules. And ventilators are not the best way to treat ICU patients. Plasmapheresis and fresh RBCs work better.

On the Nuremberg Trial 2.0 front, the latest assault on a life-saving drug began with a concerted propaganda campaign to smear ivermectin as a dangerous “horse dewormer”. The AP published a bogus story that it retracted, which was just one of many. The media whores, Jimmy Kimmel and Howard Stern, piled on, as highly popular Joe Rogan announced he was cured by using ivermectin and other easily-obtained drugs. Shortly thereafter, the propaganda worked. Globalist companies CVS, Walmart, and Costco, and likely others stopped allowing their pharmacists to prescribe the drug (a Steven E. Greer, MD exclusive), and a judge in Ohio reversed another judge that had required a hospital to give the drug.

On the vaccine front, Biden mandated vaccines, as mentioned above, despite there being no data to show they are safe in women, despite natural immunity being 27-times more powerful than vaccines, despite teen boys being killed by the vaccines and many other cases of death, such as this daughter of a British Lord and this BBC TV reporter, despite Fauci having no rebuttal to why people with natural immunity need a vaccine, and despite nations with universal vaccination rates still having large infection and hospitalization rates. The latest CDC propaganda claiming vaccinated die less often was debunked by the man who invented the Moderna vaccine. Then, Moderna has the nerve to announce a new flu-COVID vaccine they want us to take every year.

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