American Oligarchy of Communists Watch: 9-27-2021

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Watch from 7:00 on. It is a good history reminder.

AOC Watch:

  • California is now PERMANENTLY a vote-by-mail state.
  • DeSantis tells Florida official to investigate Facebook for alleged violation of election laws
  • Antifa member Benjamin Varela charged with shooting anti-mandate protester
  • ‘Manipulating humanity’: French medical professionals, academics denounce transgenderism – LifeSite
  • Medical Journal Lancet Brands Women ‘Bodies with Vaginas’ to Be Trans Inclusive
  • Leftist Filmed Harassing White Students at Arizona State Exposed as Ford Foundation Fellow – Big League Politics
  • Feminist Faces Charges for Posting Anti-Gender Identity Stickers
  • Mike Pompeo, CIA Reportedly Plotted to Kidnap Julian Assange
  • Kidnapping, assassination and a London shoot-out: Inside the CIA’s secret war plans against WikiLeaks
  • ‘War Criminal!’ – Crowds Heckle Hillary Clinton in Northern Ireland
  • 62 Shot During Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago
  • NBA Fearing Coalition of Unvaxed Players Led by Kyrie Irving
  • Israelis Rise-Up Against Vaxx Passports After Being Told More Shots Needed To Be Considered “Fully Vaccinated”
  • Creepy Pfizer CEO (not American) tries to tell the world how to behave (BTW, he himself did not get the Pfizer vaccine, or at least he refuses to confirm it)
  • Florida Political Hostage Man Dies While Awaiting Trial on Charges Related to Jan. 6 US Capitol Breach
  • Emerald Robinson “America’s Elections Are Rigged (And Everybody Knows It)”

Scamdemic Watch:

  • Norway Celebrates End of Coronavirus Restrictions
  • The Lancet’s investigation into the origin of COVID-19 has ceased; apparently it is just too hard to find qualified scientific minds who don’t have some past tie to Peter Daszak or EcoHealth.
  • The View staged a “positive COVID” stunt of Ana Navarro right before Kamala Harris came on to support the need for boosters
  • Ana Navarro lies about tests stunt
  • Anybody ever explained why there is no vaccine mandate for Congress and the White House staff?
  • Boosters don’t work because the vaccine was made years ago and the virus has mutated (the spike protein)!

Other News:

  • Five takeaways from Germany‘s nail-biting election night
  • Far-left Karen arrested on suspicion of starting California wildfire that’s destroyed 41 homes
  • Somebody paged “TRUMP WON, YOU KNOW IT” at the airport in Los Angeles. Sound on!
  • John Hinckley, Reagan assassin, released from jail
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