There is a very good reason that places like Chipotle have foodborne infection epidemics

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Chipotle sign and Curtis 4-14-2015December 9, 2015- by Steven E. Greer, MD

When the local Chipotle on South End Avenue opened, I was appalled at the lack of management. The low-level poorly-paid “managers” seemed utterly incompetent to me. I spoke to national Chipotle managers, who admitted that they had a quality problem.

Therefore, it is of no surprise to me that the Chipotle chain is under attack for multiple foodborne illness epidemics all over the country. Are you telling me that minimum-wage high school kids with no proper supervision will wash their hands, cover their faces when coughing or sneezing, etc? Also, what is to prevent a disgruntled employee from sabotaging the food, as we see so YouTube so often?

I have recently been going to Dos Toros in Hudson Eats. It’s a nice product, but my one complaint is that the kids working there seem to have no real managers supervising them.

Raising the minimum wage is a hot topic for the 2016 elections. It relates to these fast food news issues. You get what you pay for in employees.

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