Tip of the Week: How to deal with Verizon when you have an outage

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Verizon Fios wall power unitsAugust 24, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

If you were an early adopter of the fiber optic Fios service by Verizon and have had your box on the wall for more than four years, then your box’s power unit will fail soon. It happened to me and the technician said that they are all expiring.

However, good luck trying to get a repair tech out in a timely fashion. The standard wait is four days. Meanwhile, you will have no TV, Internet, or phone.

This is what you have to do. Call the “executive office” of Verizon at (212) 395-1000 and ask to speak tot he CEO, Lowell McAdams. They will not pass you though, but then say that you will cut your cord if you don’t get a technician the same day.

Make sure that they take down the entire box from your wall and give you a whole new unit.

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