Tip of the Week: Never use Craigslist for anything. Period.

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CraigslistApril 2, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

As loyal viewers know, BatteryPark.TV was taken out of service for 24-hours after a computer geek cut and pasted code into our site that redirected it to a computer hacking site. It was all my fault.

I stupidly hired a service off of Craigslist called Tilden Tasks. They offered cheap WordPress help for a flat rate. I normally handle the IT matters myself, but I thought they might be worth the money.

However, it was a bait and switch scam. The American front man outsources the computer work to geeks in India, The Philippines, Russia, etc. Those mystery men proceeded to do a poor job with the tasks assigned and I complained. They then inserted the malicious code. (Multiple authorities are on the case).

I had to have a trusted friend who works for a large company do me a favor and find the bad code. He then told me to never use Craigslist for anything. I agree.

Getting bad computer help is the least of the things that can go wrong on Craigslist. People using it for sex are often killed.

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