Tip of the Week: Why you should use Twitter

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October 24, 2012 By Steven E. Greer

The demographics of Battery Park City are such that very few people use Twitter and Facebook. We will have 14,000 views of BatteryPark.TV this month, but only have 68 Twitter followers on @BatteryParkTV.

Social networking should rightfully be feared, but it can be very powerful when used properly. I think that Twitter is the most powerful platform to begin using.

Most people scoff that Twitter is for illiterates who can’t write, or teens who waste time tweeting about stupid stuff. While that is true, Twitter is also the best way to aggregate your sources of news and comments from experts.

I scour the general news every day, watch DVR’d Bloomberg TV, and then follow Reuters news terminal feeds. But the fastest way to see a developing story is on Twitter. All sources of information now post stories on Twitter with links to the full story.

Here’s how to use Twitter if you are an adult wanting to be informed. Select just a few trusted sources of news to follow on Twitter. I recommend @CBSnews, @BloombergNews, @Reuters, @THEHCC, and @BatteryParkTV to start with, then add a few individuals or celebrities to follow. Be sure to not follow too many because you will be overloaded.

You can decide to post comments for others to see, but be restrained and avoid too many posts. You can also never make a tweet, and just gather information. Either way, you really need to be on Twitter.

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