Today’s Nomenklatura are on Wall Street

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October 11, 2021- by Steven E. Greer

I have been watching CNBC and Bloomberg recently because I’m interested in macroeconomic events. Normally, I intentionally try to ignore macro issues.

It has been years and years since I have watched this crap. It is nauseating to watch these small-time investors with inflated titles running little investment offices pontificate on the stock market and their individual positions. They are all smug and arrogant. They all have their video cameras situated so that they show off their houses with no shame. You can tell they truly believe they are great. But every single one of them is a fraud. None of them are contributing a damn thing in alpha. They are all frauds and the system rewards them anyway.

These people represent the Soviet Union Nomenklatura of today. They are the woke liberals who are living well as the rest of America suffers.

It is a shame no politician has Wall Street experience. If they did, they would not be afraid of these people. It would be so easy to eradicate these financial sector scum from the planet. It would be tremendously popular as well.

FDR did it before WW2. He destroyed JP Morgan and others. JP Morgan financed the Nazi party back then. Today’s Wall Street finances China. They are traitors.


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