Told you so: NIH-funded “gain-of-function” creation of virus WMDs is real

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August 4, 2022- by Steven E. Greer, MD

A bipartisan senate hearing today confirmed that NIH-funded “gain-of-function” creation of virus WMDs is real. I wrote all of this in my book Tony’s Virus two-years ago, long before anyone was even talking about it. Now, I am vindicated.

Here are some tweets about the hearing:

  • Senate witness cites Fauci for ‘repeated demonstrably false’ denials of gain-of-function research Gain of Function Hearing today: Wuhan lab (and Eco Health Alliance) were also working on viruses far more deadly than the coronavirus
  • Steven Quay and Esvelt say gain-of-function research of concern should be banned
  • Wild clip: @HawleyMO : Let me ask you this—gain of function research and bioweapons, what’s the connection there? @R_H_Ebright: There are immense bioweapons practical applications … the potential pandemic pathogens that can emerge from such studies are potential WMDs.
  • Expert tells senate that viruses that kill at a 60% rate are being engineered
  • In 2012, Fauci encouraged U.S. scientists to pause their GoF influenza studies over pandemic concerns.  He then proceeded to offshore the paused influenza GoF research to China/Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance.
  • Sen. Marshall To Call Up Bills Banning Gain-Of-Function Research Funding For Unanimous Consent
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