Told you so, The Super Bowl sucketh on a grand scale

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Super Bowl fans in mass transitFebruary 3, 2014- The day before the Super Bowl, we wrote the essay “Why Super Bowl 48 will suck“, pointing out the ill-conceived plans to send 90,000 fans from Manhattan to New Jersey via public transportation. We were correct.

The headlines today are, among many, the WSJ reporting, “Security, Crowds Delay Fans’ Trip to Super Bowl…The tens of thousands of people taking buses and trains to and from MetLife Stadium in New Jersey on Sunday experienced delays from heavy crowding and security, transit officials said, a rocky road for what organizers had called the first “mass transit Super Bowl.”” and “Tight Rules Keep Super Bowl 2014 Tailgaters in Check….”We thought there would be more to do,” said Steve Montony, a 37-year-old Mohawked Broncos fan who had painted almost every square inch of exposed skin either orange or blue. “Maybe like a field goal kick or something. But there’s nothing out here really.””

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