Tour buses line entire length of Battery Place

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Battery Place full of busesApril 15, 2014- In what might be a hint of things to come when the Pier A event space opens, the entire length of Battery Place was jammed full of tour buses. The Ritz-Carlton did not know why they were there.

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  1. Benjamin Carr says:

    The corner of Greenwich and Albany is a disgrace. If you live in south BPC and need to get to 4/5 you must walk past this corner…. the sidewalk is broken and NYPD has cordoned off street so that you must walk in a narrow broken sidewalk behind groups of meandering 200plus groups of tourists……the curb is part of the cordoned off sidewalk so i have seen people falling off the sidewalk……..
    …if NY gets sued by someone breaking their ankle falling off a broken sidewalk off the curb it would serve them right this time
    this block is an absolute slap in the face to residents who have put up with years of construction and are now cordoned off like animals to walk behind tourists
    actually if i was a tourist i wouldn’t be so thrilled……millions poured into this monument and they way out is a cordoned off orange ribboned broken sidewalk…..Welcome to NY!

  2. Jordan Gruzen FAIA Architect says:

    If you think the bus problem is bad, wait until the 911 Museum and Memorial and p\Park are open to tourists from California to Japan. As co -chair of New York New Visions , my group of architects,designers,landscape and city planners have been meeting with all agency officials for 10 years to find a solution to this coming serious problem of bus stagnation of all streets outside and inside the World Trade Center site. Remember the solid wall of busses at the Chicago Democratic Convention meant to keep out protesters? What will be the reality unless NYCity officials move in to find a solution. One option was to build the proposed 8 story automated bus garage over the access ramps to the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel.(relatively unobtrusive to surroundings. Another solution was to have the busses stop remotely and use the amble public subway system to arrive at the new Center. Utilize the very big public investment in new transit terminals.(2).
    Watch out that the publicly closed Greenwich Street doesn’t become open only to black cars for executives and busses for tourists in a hurry to see the display yet to have their busses wait for them there.
    The problem is bigger that any one cause and needs coordinated agreement by several levels of government.

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