Trump is throwing his billions of supporters under the bus

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January 12, 2021- by Steven E. Greer

President Trump will make his first public appearance since the Capitol attack in Texas by a border wall. This comes as he reportedly has convinced his traitor vice president to not use the 25th amendment and the Crazy Nancy’s impeachment will fail in the Senate for a second time.

It is just inexplicable how poorly President Trump has handled the last three months of his presidency (and the four years that led up to this disastrous end). His inaction has betrayed his billion or so supporters around the globe.

First, President Trump did nothing to assure law and order during the election on November 3rd despite ample warning. Then, after flagrant election fraud was captured on video, etc., he let the corrupt states do egregious acts like destroy the evidence.

When it became obvious that Supreme Court Justice Roberts was compromised and unwilling to defend the constitution, Trump did nothing with his Department of Justice to expose this. He likely has files of evidence on Chief Justice Roberts just like the private attorneys do.

After the first election fraud was carried out using Dominion voting machines and mail-in-ballots, Trump did nothing to prevent the same exact election thing happening in Georgia with the January 5th runoff election of the Senate candidates. For two months after the election, he did not get his Department of Justice to make a single arrest despite video evidence of flagrant fraud. He should have fired William Barr, but he did not.

Now, while still president, he can do numerous things, but he is not. He can declassify loads of documents that would help others who need to go forward after this attack on the constitution. He could make it obvious that the Bidens and Clintons and are criminals. He could use of 2018 executive order designed to prevent foreign interference in elections, but he is not.

Now, with this PsyOp attack of the Capitol on January 6th, Trump is passively hiding under his desk like Joe Biden rather than explaining to the world how buses of Antifa were sent in, coordinated with Pelosi’s Capitol police that lured Trump supporters inside the building like sheep to their slaughter (proof of this is that the head of the Capitol police and a dozen or so others have been fired already). By Trump refusing to acknowledge this, he is throwing his hundred million or so American supporters under the bus. He’s making it easier for the fascists to target Trump supporters based on this false premise that the Capitol was an “act of insurrection by domestic terrorists”.

Donald J. Trump is still in the mindset of reality TV. He thinks that he will start a media empire and revive his image over the next four years, then run again in 2024. But what he is failing to calculate is that he will never escape the shameful legacy that he let extreme corruption overtake the government. Even honest historians will label him as a bad failure and perhaps the worst president in the history of The United States of America.

There still has not been a proper name to apply to this global syndicate (Big Tech, Wall Street, oligarchs, and foreign nations) that successfully colluded to oust President Trump and take full control of American federal government. Communism does not apply well and fascism is too nonspecific. Whatever it may be, “they” will write the history books. There will first be an unprecedented propaganda effort to smear Donald J Trump to make “Trump” synonymous with “Hitler” because their biggest fear is that he stays powerful over the next four years.

Trump’s only plan of action would have been to be aggressive and fight back. But instead, he tried to appease them. It is reminiscent of the naïve social workers who went into Syria and Iraq trying to be peaceful with ISIS and got their heads chopped off.


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