Try selling this: Condo in SoHo that used to enrich uranium

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154 Spring StreetGray building, far left, 154 Spring Street

December 21, 2013- For community board members, historic sites that played a role in the Manhattan project add a whole new level to the meaning “Landmark”.  The WSJ published a fascinating piece of investigative journalism, uncovering the secret sites in Manhattan that were used for the WW2 efforts to build the atomic bomb. The sites enriching highly toxic uranium were kept open even after the war, into the 1950’s.

In typical Big Government style, the Energy Department lied to reporters and claimed that the sites were unknown, but one location is a normal looking retail/residential building at 154 Spring Street. It was recently sold to a hedge fund, Waterbridge Capital, which knew nothing of the history of the site being a uranium processing facility.

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